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Yemima Lavan

I was born and grew up in a kibbutz in Israel. Since I can remember, I was attracted to all kinds of textile crafts. As a young girl, I took up knitting, weaving and embroidery, learning in courses but also by myself.

I was a teacher of crafts and decorative arts for 27 years.
I taught primary school pupils at first, and then I joined the faculty of Kaye College, and helped train arts and crafts teachers.


I first encountered the quilting world in 1996 and joined the Israel Quilters Association (IQA). During,1998-2001, I was a member of the IQA Board, and I helped organize the “Our Israel in Quilts” exhibition that was shown in Akko in 1999 and the exhibition entitled “Markets” hosted by the International Convention Center in Jerusalem (ICC) in 2001.  


After an intense exploration of the world of traditional quilting, I started making art quilts.  I love the feel of fabrics that give me the opportunity to express my thoughts and deas - they are the spots of color and the stitches are the pencil lines. For me, quilts are the material expression of ideas in shapes and colors. In my quilts, I usually integrate fabrics that I dyed myself together with purchased fabrics in order to achieve the desired effect.


Some of my quilts are created based on a sketch and general plan, and some are created spontaneously by laying fabrics and photos on a blank board and building the composition in stages. I usually focus on one theme and experiment with a range of techniques, using the materials, combination of colors and techniques to make a statement and reveal new aspects
of the theme.


My quilts are inspired by my close environment and the culture in which I live, but also by my travels to foreign countries. My encounters with landscapes, vegetation, animals and people from other cultures are the fertile foundations of my artistic work and creations.  


To date, there have been 8 solo exhibitions of my work. My quilts have been chosen to participate in numerous group exhibition in Israel and abroad.

I am a member of the following:

  • Israel Quilters Association (IQA)

  • Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA)

  • Mifgashim (Encounters), a group of Israeli quilt artists.

  • Modiin Quilters’ Group

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